Jay's Speaking Schedule


Nov. 26-Dec. 10: Israel-Jordan Tour


Feb. 14: Galilean Wedding, Calvary Chapel Sacramento, CA

Feb. 20-23: Biblical Dinners, Our Lady of Grace Catholic Church, Highland, IN

Feb. 25-March 6: Biblical Dinners, Nazareth & Haifa, Israel

March 24: Biblical Dinner, Bridgeway Christian Church

March 31-April 12: Footsteps of the Apostles (Pastor’s Only Tour of Turkey)

April 17-18: Biblical Dinner, Gold Country Church, Auburn, CA

April 27 (Tentative) Biblical Dinner, Horizon Christian Fellowship, Indianapolis, IN

June 2: (Tentative) Sunday Service, Golgotha Baptist Church, Tacoma, WA

June 8: Refuge Run, The Refuge, Angels Camp, CA

June 10-21: (Unavailable)

June 28-30: Biblical Dinner, Galilean Wedding, Sunday Service, Calvary Chapel Dayspring, Prescott, AZ

Sept 7-29: Calvary Chapel Bible College, Jerusalem, & Qatzrin, Israel

Dec. 2-16: Israel-Jordan Tour


April 20-May 1: “The 7 Churches of Revelation” Tour of Turkey and Greece

Nov. 30-Dec. 15: Israel-Jordan Tour