The ‘Wedding’ Discoveries

It Began With a Biblical Dinner…

I’m often asked, “Where did you get this stuff?” It began when my friend Gayle Erwin explained the seating arrangements at the Last Supper. Later, while in Israel with Gayle, we saw a live version of the same study with a complete biblical meal hosted by the colleagues of researcher Dr. Jim Fleming. Those events transformed my understanding of the Bible, but I still needed to verify the data and the journey began.

I soon realized that the bulk of the available scholarship had been seriously neglected. People gradually lost interest in this vital field of study and many important books fell out of print or languished in second-hand shops and university libraries. Thankfully, passionate investigators like Gayle Erwin and Dr. Fleming sparked renewed interest in Biblical backgrounds, ancient Semitic culture and semantics and Hebraic logic.

The Galilean Wedding (“Before the Wrath”)

The journey took an unexpected turn during my ongoing research for the Dinner and the companion book, Broken Bread. During that time I heard (and read) several scholars and pastors who mentioned a possible relationship between certain parables and metaphors used by Jesus—specifically wedding imagery—and the events leading up to His second coming. Yet none of scholars or pastors took time to develop the connection between this oft used and familiar tradition (especially to Galileans) and the typology illustrating Jesus’ departure and future return. So I decided to take a deeper look. Here’s how I found what I found…


READ my discovery process and sources for the Galilean Wedding presentation, book and video (Before the Wrath). Includes catalogs of Scriptural references, bibliographical references to Biblical wedding customs, traditions and elements (literal and parabolical) and endnotes. Currently at more than 140 pages, this document remains a work in process.