What is "The Biblical Dinner"?

Imagine sitting down to a feast around a low, oddly-shaped table—the room illuminated by ancient oil lamps. The table is set with a sumptuous feast straight from the Bible. You’re at a banquet that happened thousands of years ago. You pray in Hebrew. Your hands are your dinnerware. As you feast, you observe meal customs and table manners from the time of Abraham to the Last Supper. Your host walks you step-by-step through the rich significance of Biblical meals and the powerful meaning they bring into everyday life. Your mind overflows with an amazing new understanding of the Bible, your heart aflame with the challenge to walk deeply in the love of Jesus. This is a Biblical Dinner…

A Biblical Dinner is an immersion into Biblical life as the people of the Bible saw it

Dinner guests practice ancient table manners, dining on food like Jesus and His disciples may have eaten. But it’s more than a meal—Jay’s dramatic and often humorous presentation brings to light forgotten customs that unveil a powerful and ancient understanding of Scripture, the Gospel and Christian love through the staggering events of the Last Supper. It can even include a first century Passover celebration (on request)—an addition full of prophecy that was fulfilled that night and that will be at the end of the world!

You experience…

  • The same kind of food Jesus and His disciples ate at a feast
  • Ancient mealtime manners, customs, greetings and gestures
  • Events that occurred at the Last Supper and what they mean to us today
  • An amazing new understanding of Holy Communion

The Biblical Dinner is effective for…

  • Evangelism
  • Healing broken relationships
  • Bible instruction
  • Pastoral training
  • Ministry Schools
  • Both small and large churches
  • Anytime of the year, and not limited to Easter holidays

The Biblical Dinner is full of surprises, including:

  • Remarkable historical revelations from the The Last Supper
  • Long-forgotten meal customs that unlock the Scriptures
  • The startling significance of the Last Supper seating arrangements, revealing the full extent of Jesus’ love
  • The tremendous implications of a simple piece of bread
  • The Biblical “peace meal” that can reconcile God and man

To serve various groups where a sit-down meal is not practical, the Biblical Dinner is offered in sermon and seminar formats. These presentations include all the rich, colorful content of the Biblical Dinner in a pulpit or classroom setting. The length can be adjusted to meet your needs, ranging from an hour to two eight-hour days of packed content. Contact us for more information.